Také the lift to Petrin Hill

Enjoy the view of Prague from the Petrin Lookout Tower

The very best perspective of the whole Prague !!!

Are you looking for an unique tour in Prague?

The Prague cableway on Petrin Hill is our most famous funicular railway since 1891. It is 510,4 meters long and provides a perfect view.

On Petrin Hill you walk in the Rose Garden and then step up the Petrin Lookout Tower, the unique copy of the Eiffel Tower from Paris. It si also open to a public since 1891, it was errected during less than 4 months!

By the beautiful weather the view from the lookout tower is just a gorgeous and unique experience.

And some more amusement?
Visit a Mirror Maze on Petrin Hill. From outside it remains on a small castle, but inside it is infinite. Ingeniously linked mirrors create a long tunnel.
Have you got a humor sence? Then the hall full of curved mirrors is just for you.. The children are, who enjoys it always the most.

This tour is right for the good weather and it is perfect for families with kids too.

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